chapter  11
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Writing with Participial Phrases for Improved Elaboration

A Six-Day Lesson Series Embedded in the Writing Process

This chapter explains how the students can improve the flow and variation of the sentences by employing absolute phrases. Kaitlin works in a high school where her juniors are preparing personal narratives for college applications. He has captured a lot of detail, primarily using simple and compound sentences, some strong action verbs, and a few adverbial clauses that begin with the conjunction 'as '. After Kaitlin's lessons on absolute phrases, LaShaun revise this work, and achieves greater sentence variation by incorporating absolute and participial phrases, and experience pride in his writing growth. The students jump into this writing assignment, using their recent mental image of Ronny and the lists of details they have assembled. Kaitlin takes a few minutes to connect this writing to the literature of the classroom. Kaitlin connects the recent lesson on absolutes with the students' efforts to write personal narratives, like the ones they use on their college applications.