chapter  2
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Sentence Slots

This chapter explains the visual metaphor, 'a map of Verb Territory' for understanding the English verb system. By using this map it explains the two major categories of verbs, action verbs and linking verbs, and the two subcategories of action verbs, transitive verbs and intransitive verbs. The simplest way to discover verbs is to look at simple sentences in the present tense. The importance of verbs in grammar and rhetoric cannot be overstated. The teacher's should teach the irregular verb patterns not through fill-ins but through word patter and play. Prepositional phrases are modifiers and they can have an adverbial or adjectival function. Adverbials include the adverbial phrases such as prepositional phrases that give information about time, place, and reason. Adverbial commentary words may introduce a sentence or may be inserted, embraced by commas, within the sentence. Like other adverbs, adverbial commentary words are movable.