chapter  4
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Teaching about Nouns, Pronouns, and Adjectives

This chapter includes the prepositions on linking because, through prepositional phrases, prepositions do link their object to another part of the sentence. It shows how students can enrich their sentences by linking nouns, pronouns, and nominal groups to the rest of the sentence by using prepositional phrases. By using Grammar Rock, students are familiar with the term conjunction, but the term coordinating throws them, and they are even more confused when they introduce the term subordinating conjunction. One of the most common misconceptions, even among teachers, is that a long sentence is a run-on sentence. The truth is that they determine that a group of words constitutes a run-on sentence not by length but by whether multiple clauses are properly joined by the hitching devices available. The preposition is a word that expresses a relationship between a nouns or pronoun, which is its object, and another part of the sentence.