chapter  4
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Why Address the Wounded Student

What Is Your Mission and Vision for Wounded Students?

Take a moment before you continue in this chapter and think of

all the reasons to address wounded students. Your reason for

addressing these students may be different than someone else,

but the end result should be student achievement. I hear from

many students and teachers about their wounds that happened

in the schools. The list is too long to put down. I am sure as we

look back on our school years from kindergarten through col-

lege, we have very strong opinions about our teachers one way

or the other. When I ask teachers to describe their experience

with other teachers, I hear many wonderful things: they were

really nice, they really cared, they made a difference in my life,

I want to be just like my teacher. Notice how they do not say first

off that they taught me math or that they really knew their

English, what they talk about is the emotional connection. These

emotionally healthy environments created a safe nurturing

environment to learn math, English, or health. Without address-

ing the emotional part, it is tough to get to the academic

achievement portion. Again, I do hear those connectors to the

cognitive learning piece, but it always seems to come after they

describe how their teacher made them feel.