chapter  8
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Parting Thoughts

If we can agree for purposes of discussion, that there are three ways we know what we know, that is: knowledge received, knowledge discovered, and knowledge constructed, then to what extent can we agree on how much of each is the appropriate mixture? Knowledge received is knowledge gained as a result of being told, by text, teacher, etc. Knowledge discovered is all about finding out for oneself. Knowledge constructed is what happens when learners make meaning of ideas. If knowledge is mainly to be received by learners, then how is the role of the teacher cast? Or if knowledge is mainly a matter of personal and social construction by learners, then what is expected of students and teachers? If knowledge discovered leads to greater “ownership” by the discoverer, then to what extent should a curriculum be discovery oriented? Surely, these questions are as significant as those over whether a curriculum is centered in learner interest, societal change, or academic knowledge.