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dilemma for the compiler. They are generally included here (with italicized headings) if there is any sense of continuity to the storylines or characterizations. The Three Stooges essentially played the same roles in each of their pictures, even if their character names or situations changed. Likewise Whip Wilson and Fuzzy Knight essayed virtually the same parts in each of their oat-operas. Variant films based on the same historical incidents or characters — such as Abraham Lincoln or Napoleon, the Civil War or baseball — are included only if a studio did make an attempt at a series based on those particular historical characters or situations. The text was prepared utilizing a Macintosh-based desktop publishing system. Because of timing requirements in order to facilitate compilation of the index, a number of entries (indicated by an A, B or C number suffix) were included (and indexed) at the last minute. These entries come at both ends of the spectrum: they are largely announcements of pending 1990 productions and listings of tum-of-the-century silent films. TTieir inclusion (plus another very-last-minute thirty in the Addenda) brings the total number of entries in the volume to 936 even though the proper numbering ends at 845. — Bernard A. Drew Great Barrington, Massachusetts 1 February 1990

Taking command o f the situation is THE SAINT, played in five films 1939-40 by George Sanders.