chapter  8
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On the margins of feminist discourse: the experience of the '150 Hours Courses'

The writings and video compilations of Paola Me1chiori, Giulia Alberti, and Lea Melandri are the outcome of collective research on women and the cinema. Together with the experience of the Affori School and the Gervasia Broxon Co-operative, recorded in Adriana Monti's film Scuola senza fine (literally, 'School without end') they form part of the work carried out during the '150 Hours Courses' between 1974 and 1982. We consider it important to trace the broad outlines of their history since the interest and originality of this discourse, compared to Anglo-American feminist film theory, lie not not only in the texts as such, but particularly in their political and cultural context and in the process which produced them.