chapter  8
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Planning skills: The strategic leader

Do you know what town planners do? Sometimes, they are known as urban planners too. Well, they basically plan the infrastructure of a small town or a larger city depending upon the size of their projects. In their plan, they map out every single element that makes a town or a city functionable and viable. Depending on the extent of the project, a town planner cooperates with several types of engineers to, for example, design the underground drainage, pipelines or power system for a town. Imagine if there is a power failure due to damage to one of those power lines under the ground, what happens if a town planner and engineer did not draw a detailed map of those power lines. The future engineers of the town or city will not be able to repair the damage. Town planners have used their knowledge and skills to create some of the best towns and cities in the world. Town planners are important but little known people as they mostly do their work behind the scenes. Most notably, they are not only planners of infrastructures from the physical sense; their plans take into consideration the socio-cultural, political and historical needs of a place.