chapter  2
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People, Not Programs

One reason that Coach Fox may not know success is that he does not know what really matters most. What mat-ters most to Coach Fox may be the “system.” Coach Fox may spend countless hours developing complex systems built around the X’s and O’s of sports and the strategies needed to score and to stop the opponent from scoring. Or, it may not be the X’s and O’s but rather the various methods to shave a second here or add an inch there. Whatever the sport, there are countless systems associated with it, and coaches can spend countless hours developing it. Yet what do the most effective coaches do? Coach Fox’s problem may come from the belief that great teams are the product of unique offensive and defensive systems. However, great coaches will tell you that winning has very little to do with what offense or defense a team runs or the quality of the training rooms, team rooms, and locker rooms they have. They will tell you that if you have a team of great athletes, then the chances of having success are dramatically increased. Great coaches understand that it is all about the people-not the program.