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Dirty Laundry

Coach Fox’s junior varsity coach, Coach Cub, just completed a very successful first season. Coach Cub’s team finished their season with an outstanding winning percentage and had won the conference. When Coach Cub met with Coach Fox for the end of season evaluation, however, it came as a surprise that he had been written up failing to do laundry. That’s right-dirty laundry. Apparently the towels in the laundry room were not being kept clean (a duty that fell to the junior varsity squad). Now we all know that keeping up with the managerial duties is important to a coaching staff, but can you imagine how Coach Cub felt after that meeting? All this great stuff was happening inside this program and the varsity coach focuses on the towels. All season long Coach Cub had done everything he could to please the varsity coach and support the entire program. Not only were Coach Fox’s actions hurtful, but they also took away the incentive for the junior varsity coach to put greater effort into his coaching.