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Question♦2♦ How♦Can♦You♦Help♦Students♦See♦♦ the♦Importantance♦of♦Personal♦Responsibility?♦

This is a common lament in classrooms, and it’s one of those problems that do not seem to offer many possibilities for effective immediate interventions. However, it is important for teachers to develop a response. People who tend to blame others for their own mistakes and problems will not learn from their mistakes (Bryner, 2010), are at a higher risk of being depressed, have lower achievement levels (“Q & A with Jean Twenge,” n.d.), and can be perceived more negatively by others (“Viral Case of the Blame Game,” 2009). Even more critically, blaming others has actually been found to be “conta-

gious”—the more one person in a group does it, the more others around him/her will do the same (Fast & Tiedens, 2010).