chapter  12
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Tips Dealing with the Grading and Feedback Masses

Working within the limits of my own district’s rules, I can create a flexible grade book that permits for late work and improvement. The scenario could go this like:

Juan turns in his homework late. He has a zero in his Deadline grade for that assignment until he turns it in. He does it over the weekend, knowing that there is a consistent and equitable ding for turning in late work. He ends up with, say, a 3 out of 5 for Deadline. That grade now stays put and is static. However, his Homework Quality earned him a B. Because I know that my priority as a Language Arts teacher is to teach content, that B is dynamic. If he wants to go ahead and improve on that, I tell him to go for it; but along with the redo, he also has to turn in a reflection sheet that explains the changes he made so that I don’t have to regrade the entire assignment.