chapter  12
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Imagination and the globalisation of educational policy research

Introduction The idea of imagination is central to Arjun Appadurai’s highly insightful and generative analysis of the relationship between the knowledge of globalisation and the globalisation of knowledge. According to Appadurai, globalisation is not simply the name for a new epoch in the history of capital or in the biography of the nation state, but is also marked by a new role for the imagination in social life. In relation to the various ways in which global processes now work, through the flows of people, capital and the images found in the media, he has suggested that imagination has become ‘a critical part of collective, social, everyday life and is a form of labor’ (Appadurai, 2001, p. 8). It involves processes through which people engage with ordinary life, consider options and make decisions, now in new forms of collaborations that are no longer confined to local communities but span across national boundaries.