chapter  Chapter 17
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Study skills

WithPhil Hughes, Ed Ferrett

This chapter explains how to plan and organise self-study work. It shows how to manage study and revision time. The chapter aims to understand the concept of memory techniques. The skill of studying usually has to be learned, so it’s worth thinking carefully about the basics. After every hour of study, take a short break and, if possible, have a change of atmosphere. Most people will be working as well as studying, so student will need techniques to help they make the best use of their time. If student are studying on the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) course, it is likely that they are a mature student. For people who require special consideration, there are provisions within NEBOSH to allow extra time or the use of special equipment. If student think they may be eligible for reasonable adjustments/special consideration, they should apply to NEBOSH several weeks before the date of the exam.