chapter  5
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The globalization of services and service-intensive goods industries

In the USA there are over 1 million firms doing business in Construction and Engineering Design (CED) services sector and only a few thousand of them are engaged in international activities. Recently, increased competition in the international engineering design services subsector has partly resulted from the development and growth of engineering and construction firms providing design-related services and of design-construct firms stimulated by increased demand for integrated/packaged CED services. Among the European firms, those of British nationality come second after the USA, with a 16 per cent share of the international market, confirming their competitive strength and lead in Europe in this subsector over the years. Poland, which has developed a certain export capability in construction services, could offer partnership possibilities for international firms to work in the domestic market or in other East European markets. Finally, the USSR is a potential market whose evolution and opening up may be followed closely by foreign construction companies.