chapter  7
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The globalization of professional service firms: evidence from four case studies

This chapter discusses the meaning of globalization of professional services to the East European economies. In particular, the developments in the area of professional services in Eastern Europe during the past few years are described and a general overview is given of the most important limitations still existing in the region. It examines the nature and scope of interactions between the globalization process and internal economic forces in Eastern Europe, in particular in the area of services. Globalization of professional business services, and in particular the extension of professional firms' activities to Eastern Europe, will move the steady process of upgrading the economic infrastructure in the region forward. Therefore, changes taking place in Eastern Europe are coinciding with major trends in the world economy, including the process of globalization of professional services and relevant adjustments in East European economies. In consequence, it may increase the motivation of Western partners to enter into various co-operation agreements with East European service firms.