chapter  9
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The impact of bargaining and negotiating on the globalization of professional service firms

This chapter examines the operations and strategies of the Canadian banks when entering or expanding in a foreign market. It explores current banking activities in Canada and set banking strategies against competitors based in the USA, Japan and the European Community (EC). This leads to possible strategic directions that Canadian MNBs may take in the near future in these triad areas. There were twenty-eight foreign players in Canada with assets of more than C$1 billion in 1989. In order to operate as MNBs in the triad regions the Canadian banks are going to have to be prepared to be nationally responsive to the sovereign interests of the governments in those areas. As the regulatory barriers between the different types of banking activities decline, and as competition increases, it can also be expected that commercial bankers are going to have to become more entrepreneurial and risk taking in their outlook if they are to capture or maintain foreign market share.