chapter  12
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Summary of main legal requirements (adapted from Hughes, P. and Ferrett, E. (2011) Summary of the Main Legal Requirements in: Hughes, P. and Ferrett, E. Introduction to Health and Safety at Work)

The achievement of an understanding of the basic legal requirements can be a daunting task. However, the health and safety student should not despair, because at NEBOSH National Certificate level they do not need to know the full history of UK health and safety legislation, the complete range of regulations made under the HSW Act 1974 or the details of the appropriate European Directives. These summaries, which are correct up to June 2014, cover those acts and regulations which are required for the Certificate student and will provide the

essential foundation of knowledge. Students should check the latest edition of the NEBOSH Certificate guide to ensure that the regulations summarized here are the latest for the course being undertaken.