chapter  5
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The motive for rebelling

When John fi rst decided to vote for UKIP he wasn’t simply registering a protest. ‘Of course I was hacked off with the politicians’, he laughs, ‘but who isn’t these days?’ Along with his discontent with ‘the usual suspects’, John was also worried about his country, and how it was changing. Although UKIP talks a lot about Britain’s relationship with the EU, John’s concerns stretched beyond this particular issue, as he explains: ‘I do want us out of the EU. The whole thing is total madness. But it’s not just about Europe, is it? There’s a bigger picture here. We’re taking in more immigrants than the country can cope with, and the economy’s a mess. None of the usual lot has any idea what to do about it. I don’t think they even care. It doesn’t hurt them. Nigel [Farage] always says to us, you can’t separate these problems, immigration, the economy, from Europe. They are all part of the same problem. I think he’s right.’