chapter  III
44 Pages

Gender, the Family and Sports

WithDeborah V. Tudor

Ideological elements assigned to the family relate to those ascribed to male athletes. This chapter examines the way that Sports films position various family members, and the ways the films work both to affirm and deny predominant contemporary family values. Women characters within sports films tend to repeat, with some crucial differences, positions defined in non-fictional discourse of sport. The relative power of the characters that enact conflicting discourses in the film is worked out through a cluster of image-sound events and their relation to narrative events. The gender formations of broadcast and journalistic discourses about sport also function within Hollywood sports films. The film's establishes an expository pattern in which Grover Cleveland Alexander makes promises to Amy and then breaks them. The film crosscuts between Alexander, in the dugout looking for her and shots of Amy frantically trying to make it through heavy New York traffic to Yankee Stadium before the game is over.