chapter  2
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Zsuzska and the Devil

There was once a poor man who had three daughters. They were very poor and had to work hard to earn their daily bread.One day the oldest daughter said: “Dear Father, thank you for caring for us until now. The time has come for us to go and enter into service.”The girls thought that even the youngest was of age to get married-and she had nothing, not even linens for the dowry.They bid farewell to their father and all three left. They went past the village and turned into the open fields. They walked until twilight without reaching a town. Then they came to a forest and on its edge stood a house. Said the sisters: “We’d better stop in here and ask for shelter.”All three entered, said good evening and were beckoned in. The master of the house, his wife, and three daughters were inside.Said the oldest of the girls: “We came to ask whether you would be kind enough to take us in and let us spend the night here.”The master of the house said: “You may stay. Where are you traveling? What is your destination?”