chapter  5
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The Count and János, the Coachman

Janos told the woman about the count and the treasure. The count stopped haunting the house, the countess got married again, Janos became a wealthy farmer and took a wife. They are alive to this day, if they haven’t died. The dead return to haunt a house where they hid something during their life­time, but only if no one finds it and removes it. Especially any kind of iron, or money. Beelzebub keeps watch over the money; he puts his hand on it.My father-in-law told the story that once, in the old days, thieves had stolen some money and buried it in the ground. There was a shed, where they used to do the cooking in the summer. A peartree stood in front of it which always bore a lot of fruit. One day my father-in-law came back from the road, unharnessed the horses and led them back into the stable.Every seven years buried money starts smouldering, burning off the rust. When this happens, one has to throw a rag over it. My father-in-law didn’t do it, yet he wouldn’t have had to dig down deep. He told his buddies what he had seen, and they agreed to join him in digging up the money at night. It is only good to dig at night. And the men really have to be close friends and united in their purpose. So, four of them went in the dark and began digging for the money. Soon their spades hit a barrel.They said: “Well, we got it!”Then a priest looked in from the garden and asked: “Will you let me havesome?” “You are not helping us dig, so we won’t give you any!”That very moment the money disappeared, amidst great clatter. The priest must have been the one to keep watch over it. They should have shared it with him.