chapter  12
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Prince Sándor and Prince Lajos

Well, long, long ago, beyond seven times seven lands, there was once a well-to-do farmer. He had a small son called Sándor, who was such a beautiful child that there wasn’t another like him. Not only was he beautiful, he was kind-hearted and smart. His father sent him to school and there, too, everyone liked him. His schoolmates liked him and his teachers were very pleased with him, because he was such an upright, decent boy. One day the teacher said to the boy: “Tell your father that he should send you to secondary school so you may yet amount to something!”The boy went home and told his father what the teacher had said.“Oh, my son, let the teacher talk-he has it easy, but you are the only one I have, and what shall I do in my old age? There is all that land and a lot of work-and I should be left alone in my old age? No, you’ll finish primary school and I won’t send you any place else!”Once the man was on his way to church when he met the teacher. He said tohim: “Uncle, why don’t you send your son to secondary school? It is a great pity that you don’t.”And so the man changed his mind. He agreed.“Tomorrow, my son, I am taking you to the city.”He took the boy to a priest and said: “Reverend Father, I’ll leave you this boy so that you make something of him. I’ll pay for it.”So the child remained and the priest placed him in a monastery.After four years had passed, the boy returned home. He had passed his ex­ams-he could become anything he wanted to be-he was free. His parents were so happy to see him that they didn’t know what to do.His mother said: “What should I make for your midday meal? What do you likebest?” “Dear mother, make whatever you please. What is good for you will be good for me, too.”So his mother prepared a fine meal and they sat down to eat. He was a very beautiful boy, his mother just gazed at him, she loved him so much. Suddenly a little bird came chirping to the window and the boy burst out laughing.