chapter  21
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The Three Archangels

Well, the good Lord was really angry when Eva didn’t obey him and committed the sin of taking an apple from the forbidden tree. The good Lord was very angry. He dis­patched Archangel Gabriel to drive the pair out of paradise. When Adam saw him approaching, he said:“Oh, Eva,” he said, “Archangel Gabriel is coming. He is so irate, he’ll chase us out of paradise, for sure. But don’t worry, my dear, I’ll deal with him. I’ll offer him plenty of food and drink and I’ll talk to him nicely so he’ll have mercy on us and won’t drive us out.”When Archangel Gabriel arrived, Adam came right away to welcome him. He greeted him politely, offered him fine fruit, an array of food and drink, and spoke nicely with him. Well, Archangel Gabriel didn’t have the heart to expel them. He felt sorry for them. “It would be a shame to chase out such generous people,” he said.He didn’t do it. He returned and reported to the Lord:“Almighty God, I couldn’t bring myself to drive them out, they are such kind-hearted people.”Next, the Lord sent down Archangel Raphael, the Romanian angel. Gabriel was Hungarian. Adam treated him well, too, and spoke with him in the nicest way. Raphael felt very sorry for them; he didn’t have the heart to drive them out either. He went back and announced to the Lord:“Almighty God, I couldn’t bring myself to chase them out, they are so kind, such good souls.”“Never mind,” said the Lord, “I’ll send down the German angel, Michael. I’ll send Saint Michael.”