chapter  22
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The Smoking Kalfaktor

Long, long ago, beyond seven times seven lands, there was once a poor orphan girl. She lived alone in a small, smoky cottage at the end of the village. The girl was poor, her only wealth was in her two hands. She made beautiful things. She always worked for the city, for the ladies there, and she was even good at weaving and other crafts. Al­though she was poor, she had such fine clothes that the daughter of the wealthiest farmer looked no better. Well, she would have liked to get married-she could even have found a man to her liking. And, indeed, there was someone whom God intended for her-he was in service with the magistrate. One day the magistrate said to him: “Son, it is time you took a wife, you are an orphan. Don’t you have anybody? You have served long enough to become your own master! Or don’t you know anyone? Look, son, at the end of the village there is an

orphan girl, she is hard-working and very decent. No one could ever say anything bad about her, yet she is an orphan. Take her for your wife.”