chapter  28
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Series Editor’s Preface, by Carl Lindahl viiForeword, by Linda Dégh xiiiA Note on the Texts xxiiiThe Tales of Zsuzsanna Palkó1. I Don’t Know 32. Zsuzska and the Devil 353. Death with the Yellow Legs 454. The Glass Coffin 515. The Count and Jónos, the Coachman 596. The Princess 637. The Serpent Prince 778. The Fawn 939. Józsi the Fisherman 10910. The Sky-High Tree 12111. The Blackmantle 13112. Prince Sándor and Prince Lajos 13713. András Kerekes 15314. The Psalm-Singing Bird 16515. Peasant Gagyi 17916. The Golden Egg 19517. Nine 20518. The Red-Bellied Serpent 21519. The Twelve Robbers 22320. Fairy Ilona 24921. The Three Archangels 26322. The Smoking Kalfaktor 26523. The Turk 27124. Anna Mónár 29125. The Wager of the Two Comrades 30126. The Szekely Bride 30927. The Nagging Wives 31528. Peti and Boris

There was once a young couple. They had only one small son. They loved one another very much, but the man had a slight shortcoming-his wife couldn’t do enough for him. He was never pleased with the amount of work she did. Yet they had decided in advance, once they had the little boy, and they had the farm, cattle, and poultry, that one of them had to stay at home while the other went to work in the field. So they agreed that the young woman would stay, since she had a small son, and there were the cows and plenty to do at home-a woman always has work to do in life. And the man would go to labor in the field. The poor woman worked hard, for a woman has a hundred chores around the house. When her husband came home, supper was always ready, there was fresh pastry and everything was done, the animals were fed and wa­tered-still he was never satisfied. He was forever needling her that a woman had it easy at home in the nice shade while the poor man had to toil from morning to evening in the hot sun. He couldn’t see that any work was accomplished at home.The woman told him in vain: “Look, I have to run hither and yon, yet a woman’s work isn’t noticeable-only when it is neglected can it be seen. When it’s done, her work doesn’t show.”