chapter  31
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The Dumb Girl

There was once a woman and a man and they had a daughter. She was pretty, she was decent, she just wasn’t very talkative. When they asked her something she answered, but she never started a conversation, she didn’t like to do that-she was always quiet.One day her mother said to her: “Why aren’t you talking, my girl? It isn’t very nice that you keep silent so much-people might think that you don’t know how to talk. Don’t you see, when the girls, your friends, come to visit, they banter, they chat and you don’t say anything, as if you were dumb. You won’t ever find a husband this way,” she said, “for the news got around that you are tongue-tied.”Well, Sunday came and there was a dance. The girl dressed up and went along, but the village lads were not too inclined to take a turn with her for she never said a word. They didn’t care for her. But there were young men from the neighboring com­munity who invited her to dance and one of them asked her where she lived. The girl told him where her house was.Said the lad: “I’d like to come to your place.”The girl was happy for no young man had yet come calling and now, God willing, it might happen.“You may come.”“So,” he said, “when you are ready to go home, tell me and I’ll go with you.”The girl thought she’d better go ahead to warn her mother that a suitor was coming.