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How Can You Use the PSI?

The results reported here were gathered with the original long form of the PSI with more than 40 items. From the results reported here, we developed a shorter form with 23 selected items which also gathers information concerning 17 background characteristics. Results from this short version now comprise about 600 patient responses from multiple hospitals. Ohio State University holds the copyright to both of these instruments and it is illegal to copy or use them without permission. The Pastoral Care Department charges a $100 permission-to-use fee; you can then use it for as long as you like. Payment of the fee also entitles you to a free analysis of your first batch of returns in which we will compare your scores to those of the other patients in the data bank. If you wish us to analyze subsequent data sets, an additional $100 fee is assessed. In all instances, analysis is limited to 100 patient responses per year. Sample materials are available upon request.