chapter  XLII
The Death of General Maude
WithEdmund Candler
Pages 6

The one stroke of ill-fortune that overtook the Expeditionary Force in these days of continual victory was the loss of the Commander whose character and genius had changed the whole aspect of the campaign. General Maude arrived in Mesopotamia from Egypt in command of the 13th Division in March, 1916. He had commanded them in Gallipoli, where he superintended the evacuation first of Suvla, then of Helles. On August 28th he was appointed Army Commander in succession to Sir Percy Lake. In Mesopotamia everyone who met him felt his personal magnetism, and those who best knew him best loved him. His sympathy and consideration were well known to his troops. On November 18th General Maude died of cholera in Baghdad. The only consolation, a thought that must have brought him peace in his last hours, was that Maude’s work was almost complete, for the Turks never rallied from the hammer strokes he had dealt them.