chapter  XLIII
Kara Tappah
WithEdmund Candler
Pages 7

This chapter describes how the team overpowered the enemy to melt away along the Mosul road after firing their coalmines at Kifri. It was becoming more and more difficult to get in a blow at the Turk. He receded like the mirage, and left us in possession of the sand and the dust. Geographically and strategically the Hun had the advantage of the author's team. He was at the apex, the Allies scattered at different points along the broad base, of the triangle. On the Tigris and Euphrates the Turks had retreated out of rapid striking distance, and our next stroke, in which the Cossacks joined, was directed against the enemy force, part of the Turkish 13th Army Corps, which was holding the Diala above Mansuriyeh, the passes over Jebel Hamrin on the right bank of the river, and Kara Tappali.