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WithJames Fletcher, D. P. Kidder

268The Climate of Brazil—Its Superiority to Other Tropical Countries—Cool Resorts—Trip to St. Alexio—Brazilian Jupiter Pluvius—The Mulatto Improvisor—Sydney Smith’s “Immortal’’ Surpassed—A Lady’s Impressions of Travel—An American Factory—A Yankee House—The Ride Up the Organ Mountains—Forests, Flowers, and Scenery—Speculation in Townlots—Boa Vista—Height of the Serra Dos OrgŌEs Constancia—The “Happy Valley”—The Two Swiss Bachelors—Youth Renewed—Prosaic Conclusion—Todd’s “Student’s Manual”—The Tapir—The Toucan—The Fire-Flies—Expenses of Travelling—Noya Fribourgo—Canta Gallo—Petropolis.