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WithJames Fletcher, D. P. Kidder

432The Brazilian North—Extent of the Empire—The Falls of Itamarity—Gigantic Fig-Tree—The Keel-Bill—A Plantation in Minas-Geraes—Peter Parley in Brazil Sweet Lemons Baronial Style—The Padre Vesper-Hours the Plantation-Orchestra the White Ants Obedient to the Church the Great Ant-Eater—The Paca—The Musical Cart—The Mines and Other Resources of Minas-Geraes—Coffee: Its History and Culture the Province of Goyaz Stingless Bees and Sour Honey—Mato Grosso Long River-Route to the Atlantic a New Thoroughfare Lieutenant Thomas J. Page-the Survey of the la Plata and its Affluents First American Steamer at Corumba—Steamboat-Navigation on the Paraguay Officers of the American Navy Dr. Kane and Lieutenant Strain—Diamond and Gold Mines the Hinderers of Progress—The Difference in the Results from Diamonds and Coffee.