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WithJames Fletcher, D. P. Kidder

464Cape Frio—Wreck of the Frigate Thetis—Campos—Espirito Santo Aborigines—Origin of Indian Civilization—The Palm-Tree and its Uses—The Tupi-Guarani—The Lingoa Geral Ferocity of the Aymores—The City of Bahia—Porters—Cadeiras—History of Bahia—Caramuru—Attack of the Hollanders—Measures Taken by Spain—The City Retaken—The Dutch in Brazil—Slave-Trade Sociability of Bahia—Mr. Gillmer, American Consul—The Humming-Bird—Whale-Fishery—American Cemetery—Henry Martyn Visit to Montserrat View of the City—The Emperor’s Birthday—Medical School Public Library—Image-Factory—The Wonderful Image of St. Anthony—No Miracle—St. Anthony a Colonel—Visit to Valença Daring Navigation in Puris Naturalibus—The Factory and Colonel Carson American Machinery Skilful Negroes—Return Home—Commerce with the United States.