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WithJames Fletcher, D. P. Kidder

503Depasture from Bahia—The Vamp IB E-Bat—His Manner of Attack—The Bitten Negro—Annoyances Magnified—Anacondas—One that Swallowed a Horse—The Marmoset—Province of Alagoaz—The Republic of Palmares—Pernambuco—The Amenities of Quarantine-Life—Improvements at the Recife—Peculiarities of Pernambucan Houses—Beautiful Panorama—Various Districts of the City—A Bible-Christian—Extraordinary Fanaticism of the Sebastianists—Commerce of Pernambuco—The Population of the Interior—The Sertanejo and Market-Scene—The Sugar and Cotton Mart—The Jangada—Parahiba do Norte—Natal—Ceará—The Paviola—Temperature and Periodical Rains—The City of Maraniiam—Judge Petit’s Description—The Montaria—Departure.