chapter  8
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Israel as a moving target

In many ways, Israel is no different from other small countries, attempting to define and maintain for themselves a place in a world increasingly becoming globally integrated. It is one of the few states founded by a migration of settlers, implanting new settlements and forging new institutions in virgin territories perceived to be uninhabited. In such new societies, the founders create a new social order, and do not have to take into account the traditions of an entrenched population. To be sure, the land to which the pioneers came was not totally empty (nor were other new countries). However, they built new institutions, ignoring any indigenous social order, be it the 'old Yishuv' or the Arabs. The frontier experience, the ideological motivation, the creation from scratch of new institutions, the revolutionary nature of the society and the transplantation of ideas from homeland to the new environment are all common to all new societies: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the Republic of South Africa, or the United States.