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Managing CD-ROM and Electronic Documents Sources for Holland Reference Services: The Washington State University Libraries Experience

This article focuses on the evolution of the management of CDROM and electronic documents for reference services in the Holland/ New Library (Holland), the main library at Washington State University, for the humanities and social sciences. The present situation had its beginnings more than seven years ago (late 1990), with the arrival of the first major United States document CD-ROM disk, the National Trade Data Bank. Electronic documents reference services have since grown into providing access to 200 CD-ROM disks in the Holland Library alone, with many more in other locations, running under a variety of different software, as well as locating government information electronically on the Internet through databases such as GPO Access and STAT-USA. This situation is not unique to WSU Libraries. It is similar to that faced by any large depository library throughout the United States, which has had to deal with this explosion of CD-ROMs and electronic resources.