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History of a Library Unit and the Evolution of Its Culture from the Eyes of Two Participants: Holland Reference Services from the "Merger" (1977) to the "New Organization" (1997)

What is presently known as Holland Library Public Services or Holland Reference Services and resides in the Holland/New Library complex results from the merger of two separate divisional libraries, the Humanities Library and the Social Sciences Library. Both of these divisional libraries were located in the old Ernest O. Holland Library and date from the time that the Holland library building was finished in 1951. This article explores the roots of Holland Library Public Services in the two divisional libraries and chronicles its evolution through the merger (1978-82), the Kemp years (1983-89), the New Library planning and construction phase (1989-94), and a modern phase (1994-present). The modern phase includes the influence of the reorganization of the Washington State University Libraries. At the end of the article, specific aspects of Holland Library Public Services culture are detailed and discussed; conclusions are drawn.