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Jim and Alison Do User Education: English 101 and Beyond at Washington State University Libraries

During the past year, we have worked to build a strong relationship with the English Department. We believe we have the respect of the English faculty because we provide consistently strong instruction and because we have experience teaching these courses. In preparation for this article, we discussed our English 101 program and why it works. We both decided that, on paper, it can't work. The organization, scheduling, and teaching of these classes is impossible given the resources we have. In reality, however, the program works, and it works quite well. Since English 10 1 is our primary instructional program, we

decided to use it as a springboard for a discussion of our discussion of teaching as a library function. We feel we have a successful program, but we would be the first to acknowledge we have problems. We aim to provide an honest discussion of the successes and problems in our program, and in the process discuss some of the issues facing library instructors today.