Exploring Document Delivery: Two Pilot Projects
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The first introduction of an electronic Table of Contents Service and Document Delivery was planned with the assistance and cooperation of the Mathematics and Statistics Department. This was a small, startup project. The Mathematics/Statistics Department was selected for several reasons. We knew from informal discussions that there was interest among a number of the faculty in such services and a willingness to experiment with a trial project. We also knew that most of the faculty use electronic mail frequently and work comfortably in an electronic environment. A third factor was that the percentage of increase and the subscription costs for serials in mathematics are among the highest in the sciences. We were also aware that the visual clarity and quality of the documents provided was particularly important in the disciplines of mathematics and statistics due to the presence of mathematical text and figures. We felt that if we could meet the standards for the faculty in these two disciplines, then we could make some assumptions about acceptance in other disciplines. When the project was presented at a Mathematics/Statistics Department meeting, we were asked if what we really meant was "If we could please them, we could please anyone?" In fact, that is what we did mean or intended to find out!