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Changing Food Consumption Patterns and Their Impact on the Quick Service Restaurant Industry

This chapter determines the viability of providing employee mentoring and empowerment opportunities to enhance employee performance and customer satisfaction in casual dining and quick service restaurant chains. The manager's demographic profile was related to mentoring. There were significant effects relative to employee success, goal setting, personal initiative, self-confidence, task achievement, character building, trust and respect, networking, customer loyalty, bonding between supervisor and employees, and rapport between employees and customers. The respondents indicated strong agreement with the fact that mentoring contributed to employee success, goal setting, maturity, self-confidence, and initiative. The chapter explains about the manager's demographic background, empowerment opportunities and compensation for mentored and empowered employees. It provides information on type of establishment, type of ownership, total food and beverage sales, food cost percentage, labor cost percentage, check average, square footage, customer count, seating capacity, and turnover rate.