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Understanding Mature Customers in the Restaurant Business: Inferences from a Nationwide Survey

This chapter presents a framework for designing management information systems (MIS) from a strategic perspective for the quick service restaurant industry (QSR). It provides guidance for planning and managing systems strategically using two frameworks: critical success factors (CSFs), and 'stages theory'. The case studies of Alpha and Beta described in this chapter provides with some striking contrasts. First, using the CSF approach is one way to develop strategic systems. Second, old systems seem to be a hindrance to new systems. Third, the case studies illustrate how a company in the 'formalization' stage can fall behind a company in the 'expansion' stage. Fourth, it appears as though 'stages theory' might be better depicted as a 'continuum' with firms moving backwards or forwards among stages. Fifth, top management's view of the role of IT in their firms has far-reaching effects on system development.