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The Restaurant Revolution–Growth, Change and Strategy in the International Foodservice Industry

The foodservice industry is experiencing growth and increased competition. In a cycle of growth, both in terms of number of restaurants and number of consumers eating out on a regular basis, foodservice marketers need to monitor the changes occurring in the marketplace and adapt their strategies accordingly. Creating winning demand chains in the foodservice industry depends on how each member rates on the following attributes: Consumer behaviour, analyzed best with the Consumer Decision Process (CDP) model, provides the foundation for creating demand chains in food service. If consumer information and understanding is the fuel of successful firms and demand chains, foodservice and restaurant marketers need tools to analyze changes among consumers and their behaviors. In order to thrive in the hypercompetitive climate of the future, foodservice companies of all sizes and types must focus on the first order of any business transaction-namely, understanding how consumers make food purchases, restaurant, and other food choice decisions.