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Food Safety: A Public Crime

This chapter discusses the macro forces driving the changes and the impact of the reforms in the development of China's restaurant industry. Many factors have influenced the rapid development of the restaurant industry in China. Factors such as deregulation, liberalized new laws and rules, economic development, sociocultural changes, technological and ecological considerations have all had an impact. The chapter also discusses these issues and their importance to the Chinese restaurant business environment. As China prepares to enter the World Trade Organization, its restaurant industry will surely be influenced by global economic development. The success of Western-style quick service restaurants is serving as a catalyst for developing and improving the Chinese fast-food sector, where cumulative annual sales have reached 40 billion yuan, one-fifth of the annual revenue of China's restaurant industry. By learning from the international restaurant chains emerging in China, they may constantly test new production and service methods, forging the frontiers in developing chain operations in China's restaurant industry.