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This chapter explains that millions of dollars are spent to create a new brand that can then capture future business. Applying this concept of branding to libraries may even mean that a new set of core activities and values are required to find. Looking at the total cost of scholarly communication-including authoring, the review process, refinement, delivery, indexing, storage and control-the library portion of these costs is very substantial. The technological advance of having a virtual, merged catalog linking four libraries across distances as great as 100 miles allowed saving in technical staff salaries, hardware, and maintenance contracts. Librarians believe that their physical collections will continue to grow and that the space to house them will need to grow, too. SOLINET is currently in discussions with netlibrary to make a consortial purchase of the entire netlibrary inventory of 6,000 e-books. Libraries need to embrace disintermediation and accelerate the process of eliminating our current infrastructure costs.