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Research Collections and Digital Information: Will There Be a Role for Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Services?

This chapter describes a slightly different approach to building digital collections. The approach is that of building collections as a by-product of a service center rather than collection building being the primary purpose of the program activity. The chapter explains that Electronic Text Centers. Are both real places, with hightech computer equipment and helpful staff, as well as 'virtual' collections of online texts. For humanities scholars the use of electronic texts is a natural next step in the process of scholarly inquiry. In 1995, the humanities programs in the College of Arts and Sciences began discussions on how the humanities areas were changing with their use of technology. Staffs needs to be knowledgeable about humanities research interests and methodologies as well as knowledgeable about the technology used to create and analyze electronic texts. The Libraries have worked with faculty interested in developing assignments related to electronic texts. The Electronic Text Center was featured at one of the Text Studies Roundtables.