chapter  4
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The PRC semiconductor industry, national security, and globalization

Introduction The semiconductor industry is crucial to national power and security, as discussed in Chapter 2 , and this chapter explores such a theme in the context of the PRC. It examines the extent to which the evolution of China’s chip sector is relevant to its national security amid the backdrop of increasing sectoral globalization by analyzing the dynamic interplay of the Chinese industry and China’s domestic and international environment. After a brief introduction, the chapter is composed of four sections. The second section identifi es the link between the Chinese industry and China’s economic, technological, and defense security through the lens of pertinent policy-makers and senior industry executives. The third and fourth section examine, respectively, the historical evolution of the Chinese defense and commercial chip industrial base by scrutinizing related policy initiatives and key players and the links between the industrial developments and China’s national security. The fi fth and fi nal section briefl y summarizes the major arguments of the chapter.