chapter  13
Numbers, measurement and quantification
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There are several different words for ‘number’ in Thai. The most common is lâyk, which in certain cases is followed by têe and in other cases prefixed by mǎi:. The word ber, from English ‘number’, has a more restricted usage, most commonly with telephone numbers, room numbers and clothes and shoes sizes. เลข lâyk numeral, figure, odd/even numbers, Thai/Arabic numbers, house numbers เลขที่ lâyk têe house numbers, passport number หมายเลข mǎi: lâyk bank accounts, contestants on game shows, beauty contests เบอร์ ber telephone numbers, email addresses, room numbers, shoe/clothes sizes, players' numbers on sports shirts สาย sǎi: bus numbers/routes ป้าย bpâi: car number plates จานวน jum-noo-un quantity, amount เลขเก้า lâyk gâo number nine บ้านเลขที่เจ็ด ^p bâhn lâyk têe jèt house no. 7


mǎi: lâyk bun-chee ta-na-kahn

bank account number


hôrng ber yêe sìp sǎhm

room no. 23


ber toh-ra-sùp

telephone number


sài ber a-rai?

What size do you take?


sêu-a ber jèt bpen krai?

Who’s the number 7? /Who’s wearing the number 7 shirt?

รถเมล์สาย ๑๓๗

rót may sǎi: nèung sǎhm jèt

the number 137 bus


ngern jum-noo-un nèung

an amount of money