chapter  7
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Summary and further reading

It was shown at the beginning of this volume that the antecedents in occupational sociology stretch back to the founding fathers of sociology itself. However, only in relatively recent times has considerable research been undertaken and theorizing developed on the subject matter. But given this comparatively recent interest it is now clear that our knowledge about occupations and society is very extensive. The sociological concern with occupations and their social effects has reached the stage where the empirical material far outweighs the theoretical substance. One very clear need is for substantive theories to be developed grounded upon the empiricism. One possible cause of this situation is the fact that American work on occupations dominates the field. This work has a distinct positivist approach. It is interesting to note that the debate concerning theories of occupational choice that has occurred in Britain (Williams, 1974) has no parallel in the American literature on occupations. Similarly, the important attempt by Parker (1971) to develop a theory of work and leisure has no American counterpart.