chapter  2
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Occupational visibility and choice

In any industrial society the majority of individuals have to make the choice of entering into some kind of employment situation. It is normally possible to discern a threshold between the non-work period and the work period of an individual’s life. As the previous Chapter has suggested, the sociologist distinguishes rather more than the fact that an individual has entered gainful employment: this employment is classified by the type of industry (as seen by the type of end-product of the work process) and by the occupation (as seen by the specific character of the work task). Since, as has already been seen, there are both a large number of industrial and occupational settings in an industrial society and since movement towards a work situation can be classified in either or both of these ways, it means that the assumption can be made that those indivi­ duals who cross the threshold from non-work life to work life undertake a choice between those alternatives that theoretically, at least, are open to them.