chapter  4
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Occupational ideologies and status

Two closely connected aspects of occupations are examined in this Chapter-their ideologies and their status. These aspects are connected in that the influence of an occupation upon the lives of members of that occupation extends beyond the influence upon a man whilst at work. The life of any individual in employment is more or less influenced by the fact that he has one occupation rather than another. It is influenced by the traditions of the occu­ pational group itself and by the imposition of specific taboos and constraints which limit the real or supposed consequences of the behaviour which would occur if these were violated. Furthermore, the influence of the occupation is even more intrusive on the indivi­ dual since occupations tend to be ranked in a social hierarchy, dependent upon the extent to which the role of the occupational member conforms with the dominant values of the society in which the occupation is carried on. Occupational status then, together with occupational ideology, is an important factor in the appeal of an occupation and is thus a potent force in recruiting and selecting people for the occupation.